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Meet The Team!

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Programme Leads

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Main Programme Lead: Dr Aysha Nijamudeen

I'm a dual-qualified Academic Foundation Doctor working in Manchester, and have been working 2nd on-call in OMFS for the last few years. I've really enjoyed developing and leading the OMFS Survival Guide so far, and hope this goes some way in helping DCTs feel a little more comfortable in the hospital environment.  When not trapped at work or "portfolio building", you'll find me eating my way around Manchester, painting something, being a crazy cat lady or planning my next adventure!


MRCS Programme Lead:
Miss Danielle Britton

Hi I'm a medic first, currently in dental school in the North East, and very excited to be part of the OMFS Survival Guide so I can help share some of my tips and tricks of working in hospitals and in OMFS with you! I run the MRCS section of the Survival Guide programme.

With thanks to our contributors!

Dr Catrin Byrne (2nd Degree Medical Student)

Dr Shona Garland (2nd Degree Medical Student)

Dr Jo Ismail (2nd Degree Dental Student)

Dr Andrew Kearns (Dual-Qualified Doctor)

Dr Mairead Kelly (2nd Degree Medical Student)

Dr Leh Lim (2nd Degree Medical Student)

Dr Jie Luo (2nd Degree Medical Student)

Dr Rachel Moss (2nd Degree Medical Student)

Dr Labibah Motaleb (2nd Degree Medical Student)

Dr Milad Tavakoli (2nd Degree Medical Student)

Dr James Wege (2nd Degree Medical Student)

Mr Wayne Vassell (2nd Degree Dental Student)
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